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At That Wine Place, we provide versatile event spaces suitable for various occasions, including birthday parties, corporate wine-tasting events, and social gatherings, subject to our terms and conditions. We prioritize ensuring you and your guests have an enjoyable experience, and we are committed to accommodating any special requests to the best of our ability. Parents need not worry about their children joining the festivities, as we offer dedicated play areas to keep them entertained. If you’re considering hosting an event with us, feel free to reach out via WhatsApp or email to discuss your plans further!

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Our Events

At That Wine Place, we’re excited to host our own array of events, ranging from blind tasting sessions to wine and food pairing experiences, wine tasting sessions and much more on the horizon! Be among the first to know about these upcoming events by following us on Instagram or Facebook, where you might even have the chance to win prizes for select gatherings. Alternatively, join our database, and we’ll reach out to you directly via WhatsApp with event details. Our events are designed not only to share delightful experiences but also to provide education on the wines you’ll be enjoying.

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Past Events

Here are some events that we’ve collaborated with in the past!

TWP x Laurent Ponsot

Masterclass with Laurent Ponsot himself with a collaboration with Wine Clique and Cru!

TWP x Misha’s Vineyard

Food and wine pairing dinner with Misha Wilkinson from Misha’s Vineyard.